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Nevada at Purdue Pre-Game Presser

As is tradition before a game Coach Hazell stepped to the mic to address the media following the bye and prior to the matchup with Nevada. Let’s take a look at what he had to say shall we?

Opening Statement

Looking forward to getting out on the field again with our guys towed. We went out Sunday for about 45 minutes to an hour, just ran around and got extra bonus practice. I thought the guys were moving quickly and with a purpose. So it's going to be fun to get out there this afternoon and get ready to the last couple days of preparation for a good Nevada football team. 2-0 or, excuse me, they are 2-1 coming in here, played Cal-Poly and then played Notre Dame and then played Buffalo last week. They have done a nice job competing real hard these first three weeks and it's going to be exciting for us on Saturday.

How do you fix the INT problem?

Obviously, the decisions when to throw that ball is a critical decision, obviously. Now the one he through in the end zone right before halftime I would have thrown the same, I would have thrown that ball, probably would have thrown a little bit further outside, but it was a good decision to throw that football. The receiver had two steps on the defender, the defender had his back to him.

We had a couple of the other ones deflected, he forced one of them. The fourth one he forced to Domo on a dig route. He had some check downs underneath that he could have thrown. But I'm really confident in where he is and how he's responded to those things in practice and he'll have a great week this week.

Update on player health including Jones

Markell stopped by my office after we had our meeting, our staff meeting this morning, and he's ready to go. He's got a little fire in his belly and his eyes are bright. So he'll be ready to go for us. Obviously, we won't beat him up this week in practice, he'll take enough shots in the game. So we'll see how he is here the next two days. But he looked really good this morning.

In terms of the other guys, Da'Wan's a probable, as well as Larkin's a probable, Jimmy Herman is still a questionable guy.

Presented without comment (question and answer included)

Q. Not specific to this game, but as a coach what are your thoughts on -- and I hate to use the term "prevent defense," but I know it's been used a lot, do you like to keep your regular defense out there, what are your thoughts on prevent defense when you have ahead and you're trying to protect a lead?DARRELL HAZELL: Sometimes if you play prevent, it prevents you from winning, so you got to be careful. I think you got to know what the quarterback is, what his, obviously, the things that he does well. But I'm not sure specifically what you're asking, but you got to -- you're going to mix it up in prevent defense which is sometimes you're going to blitz, sometimes play coverage, three-man rush, sometimes you can get better, faster personnel, I shouldn't say better, but faster personnel on the field depending upon what the situation is. There's a lot of things that go into prevent. Amount of timeouts on the clock, where the ball is on the field. So, yeah, there's a lot of things that are involved.

Was Cincinnati just faster than Purdue?

No, I never sensed that at all, to be honest with you. Not watching the film, I didn't sense that at all. We were in position a couple times to make four or five critical plays in that football game and we didn't make the plays. But I didn't sense the fact that their speed was any better than ours.

Talk about the passing game and Domo Young

We have called 98 pass plays, we have actually run 93 and we have completed I believe 51 of those passes and 55 percent. But to speak about Domo you just see his confidence grow week in and week out. He's playing so much faster, and we got a couple other things for him for this week. But he's playing stronger and in the receiving game, when he's getting confronted. He's going to continue to get better throughout the course of the season.

Can Purdue run it against Nevada?

Just evaluating our personnel and their personnel, I think we have a very good matchup and it will be interesting to see how much they drop the week side safety into the box early in the game or are they going to rotate strong if we're having three receivers to the field. But, yeah, I like where we are.

How has Tim Lester done with the Blough?

I think he's giving him that calmness on sideline, he's got constant feedback, initial or immediate feedback as well. When he comes off the field he goes and meets with Tim and sits down and says, hey, this was good, this was not good, what did you see? So there's a constant dialog between those two throughout the course of the game.

Again, presented without comment.

Q. I don't know if you saw the comment that Austin Appleby made about, I never been around a place where our coaches truly care. That's been out there on social media and I wanted to give you a chance if you wanted to respond to that.DARRELL HAZELL: I'm not going to respond to that comment.

How did Purdue get better with the bye?

I thought it was a good time for us to reflect on where we are after two weeks and the things that we have to improve upon. Specifically, just a lot of little things. One of the goals that we talked about is the details in our jobs, not just, this is our job, but emphasizing and stressing the details of, this is how you got to get to this level, this is how you have to execute when you get to that level, all those details. And last week we really took Wednesday, Thursday, and worked on us and not Nevada. And obviously we looked at film of Nevada and all those things, but it was about us fixing the things that we had to fix.

Coach’s thoughts on Etling and Appleby playing in the SEC

Well, I wish them the best and I hope they both have success down there.

Some interesting stuff in here but personally I don’t take much out of these press conferences from week to week anymore. When a new coach first comes in you wonder what he’s going to say and how he’s going to say it. Purdue has been looking great in practice every week since Hazell got here. I get that he has to say it but I take anything said in these press conferences with the very largest grain of salt.