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Eastern Kentucky at Purdue: H&R Staff Picks

Here is what the staff of Hammer & Rails sees happening tomorrow.

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NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for staff picks again! Here is how the crew did last year:

Juan: 10-2

T-Mill: 8-4

Jumbo Heroes: 7-5

Casey: 5-1

Rachel: 4-2

Andrew Holmes: 3-6

Rob St. Claire: 2-1

Drew Schneider: 0-4

So Juan is our reigning champion/most pessimistic person on the site. he also leads off our picks for tomorrow:

Juan Crespo

Purdue will struggle early on with Eastern Kentucky but they should put them away in the 4th quarter. Please don't screw this up, Haze. Purdue 35, Eastern Kentucky 21

Rob St. Claire

Hopefully this can be the one football Saturday this season with happy drinking instead of angry drinking. Purdue 38, EKU 17

Drew Schneider

Pudue 47, EKU 14

Kyle Holderfield

Purdue jumps out early, EKU will make it close in the second & third quarter. Purdue will then score a couple of touchdowns in the fourth and shut out the Colonels to secure our first victory, ugly but a win. Purdue 38, EKU 17

Casey Bartley

I am off to the golf course. Purdue 52, EKU 13

Jack Walker

Purdue 38, EKU 21

Andrew Holmes

Purdue 34, EKU 20

Andrew Ledman

Welcome back to Purdue football. I don't even know where to begin. There's been so much going on in my life that I honestly don't know as much about the team this year as I have in years past. Regardless of that I'm still incredibly excited for football to return. No matter what you read on here or hear me say on the podcast I am in fact an optimist at heart. I do believe that Purdue could surprise people this year. As I said on the podcast, which you should all listen to on your commute/run/whatever else you do Purdue should and will win this football game. There's never any excuse for Purdue to lose to an FCS (or whatever they call themselves now that the BCS is dead) team. I know that Purdue is not a powerhouse. I'm not naive. I know that Purdue back in 1997-2004 is not the Purdue team we will see tomorrow but I still believe that there is talent on this team. I believe that talent will see its way through this game with ease. Perhaps I'm deluding myself but the "loss" of Shoop will be a boon to this offense and they should look much better than in years past. Purdue wins and they win going away giving all of us just enough (false?) hope to get us through to next week. Will it be enough to put butts in the seats throughout the season? That will be much harder to know. The Bobinski era gets off to a 1-0 start but if I've learned anything from this past week of recriminations about Morgan Burke it's that every victory is credited to the coach and every loss is credited to the AD.

Purdue 49, EKU 10


Obviously, a loss would be disastrous. It put the 0-12 nightmare as a possibility if not a likelihood. A close win shows that Purdue is probably as good as outsiders think (re: not very). If Purdue wins in a blowout it will be a mild surprise and at least turn a few heads. With EKU yet to select a quarterback and under a new coach we have no idea what to expect. I will go with cautiously optimistic. For one Saturday at least, Purdue fans will be happy with a comfortable win, but not a complete blowout. Purdue 34, Eastern Kentucky 17