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Jaren Jackson Jr. Open Thread

Today is decision day, so let’s Open Thread it out.

NCAA Basketball: Northwestern at Purdue
“Now this is how we’re going to close this out!”
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jaren Jackson Jr. is making his decision known today, but he never said when he would make it known. All we know is that it is down to five schools: Purdue, Michigan State, Georgetown, Notre Dame, and Maryland.

First off, I think the only one that truly knows anything before it is announced is Jaren himself. Anything else out there is clickbait. That said, I am setting my lure right here with the 247 Crystal Ball prediction.

Yesterday it looked like it was down to Purdue and Maryland. In the evening it appeared that Michigan State had made a run, but again, that is all speculation from people seeking clicks. GBI seems to think Purdue vs. Maryland for the most part.

I honestly don’t know at all. I am not saying any way until Jaren himself says something because that is the only truly reliable source out there.

As soon as we know something we will post something.