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John Wooden Statue Now Up Outside Mackey Arena

The legendary player and coach gets his own statue now outside of Mackey Arena

If you have been near Mackey Arena in the last few days you may have noticed a new decoration alongside. John Wooden, the legendary player, coach, and 1932 All-American is finally being honored with his own statue outside of the arena. It will be formally dedicated on September 24th, but alert reader Marcy Towns was on a run this morning and sent us some early pictures.

I am trying to figure out the placement of the statue, but it looks like it is along the John Wooden Drive side of Mackey between the arena and Ross-Ade Stadium. I sincerely hope it meets the placement approval and requirements of Lord Minister Secretary of Statues Dan Dakich, who yesterday viewed it as appalling that Wooden would have a statue in downtown Indianapolis instead of the pure sainted Bobby Knight.

Here is a better view. I assume the dedication ceremony will be before the Nevada game next week.