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Cincinnati Vs. Purdue: Game Day Grades

Brace yourself, it is going to be a long season, as we look inept, once again.

Cincinnati v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Aren’t you glad that one is over? I am. It was ugly. It was unorganized. The game plan was bad. I just don’t know. We could honestly be a 1 win team again, because, sorry Cincy, you aren’t that good. We are just that bad. I am sure you can guess what my grades will be, but I told T-Mill I will do this weekly, so I am going to do this weekly.

Offense - F

Where do I start? Blough was awful. 5 Interceptions? Really? Okay, so 2 of them were on the wide receivers, but that leaves him with 3. All into a minimum of double coverage, quarterback play is as bad as ever. I figured the game plan would be to pound the rock especially with the rain the last couple of days, but Jones ended with under 50 yards. Granted, he was injured early on, I still don’t think we would have pounded as much as I want. As I have mentioned all summer, for us to win football games, Markell Jones needs a minimum of 20 touches, closer to the 25 range. If that doesn’t happen, well you saw today. Domo Young had a nice game, but also had some drops. Tight ends were bad. Blough seemed to be scrambling on every drop back, part happy feet, part bad offensive line.

Defense - D+

There was a point when Cincy recorded 12 straight 3rd down conversions. That is awful, likely, it is a different game if we cut that in half to six. I give us a D- because we did our job on 1st and 2nd, but our 3rd down defense is some of the worst football I have ever seen and I have played/seen some really bad football. A ton of missed tackles today, which is disheartening, as Cincy’s run game isn’t that great, more terrifying because Nevada is a run first team with 2 bruising running backs. I am not confident in the September 24th matchup with out sieve like defense. The linebackers are not nearly as good as I thought they would be. I will give them a little benefit of the doubt, they were on the field all game with Blough throwing the ball to the wrong team 5 times. The 4-2-5 was a good idea this summer, but not with the secondary we have, which is laughable.

Special Teams - F

Punting was bad today. A 28 yard missed field goal deflated the team early in the game. Not much else to go on. They didn’t return a kick to the house. But, 28 yarder is a chip shot and punting from the Cincy 36, to net 25 yards is ridiculous, but I will get to that.

Coaching - F

LOL. Literally, B1G teams are laughing out loud at this. Hopefully Bobinski will just can the staff, I wouldn’t be opposed to mid-season firing and letting Marcus Freeman run the show. Like previously stated, punting from the Cincy 36, 4th & 5, down 14 to 0, why not go for it? We aren’t in the position to not take chances with the program in shambles. The 12 straight 3rd down conversions should never happen, and adjustments weren’t made. Some people may think we made adjustments when we made it close in the 4th, those weren’t adjustments, that was Cincy in the prevent to win defense and trying to throw up 2 scores late in the game. I am just ready for a new staff, but it will be more than a decade before this program will be relevant even with a new staff. Multiple years in the basement of recruiting, okay I am frustrated and could keep going but, coaching gets a big fat F.

I was one of the H&R staff to choose us to lose this week. After this, even with the easy schedule I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 1 win season. Just all phases of football are bad. It isn’t even enjoyable at this point. Is it basketball season yet?

Next Game: September 24, Vs. Nevada, Time: TBA. See you there, maybe.