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Purdue Falters in Every Way, Loses to Cincinnati 38-20

Cincinnati v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

I don’t know what I expected. I don’t know why after these last three years I continue to get my hopes up about Purdue actually playing a competent football game. I’ve always considered myself an optimist but Purdue football tests my limits in every possible way. Today, Purdue had a chance to put together two consecutive wins for the first time ever under Hazell. Unfortunately, due to five interceptions, terrible third down defense, and all around horrendous play Purdue failed miserably. This was the first time Cincinnati beat a B1G team on the road in 59 years. The last team they beat? Indiana of course.

I don’t know that you can pinpoint one thing that Purdue could have done to change the outcome of this one. Was it the early missed 28 yard field goal that set the tone? Was it the interception thrown by David Blough that was in the endzone? Was it the fact that a guy named Mike Tyson grabbed three interceptions despite having no interceptions last year? Was it the fact that Cincinnati converted on 12 straight third down conversions at one point? Or, was it simply the fact that last week was fool’s gold and we are all fools?

You can argue all day that this team is improving or that the depth at certain positions is better or blah blah blah. Guess what though? It doesn’t matter. Unless it shows up in the win column it doesn’t mean a damn thing. In the game of football you either win or you lose. Which I suppose is much better than in the game of thrones where you either win or you die. Today Purdue was outgunned, outmanned, outnumbered, out-planned. There are few if any positives to take away from this. Despite the blip of optimism after a competent showing against an FBS team last week that’s now gone. The doom and gloom are back. Coach Hazell’s seat got even hotter today and I’m not sure it will ever cool down. Much more to come including our grades of the team. Hang in there guys and gals, only 63 more days until basketball season.