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2017 Purdue Football Recruiting: Rob Hudson Commits

Big linemen are very handy to find.

Purdue flag Juan Crespo

Do you like offensive linemen that are gigantic human beings that use their size to protect quarterbacks and open holes in the running game? Well, you’ll like Purdue’s newest pickup then:

That’s right, he’s 6’8”! here is the scouting profile on the 6’8” 300 pounder:

Hudson played defensive line a year ago, but projects to the offensive line at the next level and has spent his offseason working as an offensive tackle. He has shown great improvement and caught a lot of eyes at several offseason camps including the Sound Mind Sound Body Academy in Detroit.

He chose the Boilermakers over other offers from Syracuse, Iowa State, Cincinnati and more. He had 14 offers in total.

You can’t teach size, as the old adage goes, and this kid definitely has it!