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A Collection of Caleb Swanigan’s Instagram Descriptions

The sophomore forward has taken to Instagram to rib his teammates.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more popular Twitter feeds to follow among Purdue players is Caleb Swanigan. No, it is not because of his recruitment or NBA decision (though we’re all following him because of that). For the past week or so he has been providing hilarious instagram profiles for all of his teammates.

First, We have Dakota Mathias:

Pretty dry, but it gets better with Isaac Haas:

Next, is this Spike Albrecht’s head on Sandi Marcius’ body?

Coaches are not immune, either:

Next we have the freshman point guard who DUNKED ON ISAAC HAAAS!!!

Basil Smotherman’s is my favorite:

Jacquil Taylor’s profile takes it back a few decades:

His running buddy at forward, We’re hoping for big things out of Vincent Edwards:

Finally, the most recent one thinks our starting point guard is Gollum: