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Purdue Basketball Has Another Twitter Account

It appears as if Coach Painter and his staff are taking advantage of the new Twitter rules.

Play for Purdue!
Play for Purdue!
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Purdue has jumped on the new Twitter rules of the NCAA. No one can blame them, recruits love to use twitter for, well everything. But remember, never tweet the recruits! You can see SBNations chart below for a reference. Yea it says for football, but it applies to every sport.

Let the coaches recruit for our school. Maybe a congratulations after the officially sign. You can see the new Twitter below. A whole 12 tweets already! But, I will give it to Purdue Basketball, they are keeping up with the times. I haven't seen a new recruiting twitter for football yet. If you see one for Purdue Football, please put the link in the comments section. Play for Purdue!