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Caleb Swanigan Creates International Incident with Dunk

Purdue has declared war on Catelonia.

NCAA Basketball: Hall of Fame Tip Off-Florida vs Purdue Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

With Purdue playing to be basically the national champion of Spain and bringing some extremely tall individuals to Europe strange things are bound to happen. Early Sunday evening in Barcelona they did happen.

Leading 60-45 against the Barcelona All-Stars midway through the third quarter Carsen Edwards and Caleb Swanigan teamed up for some sweet pick and roll action. The result was an attack on Spanish sovereignty.

You have to fast forward to the 14:10 mark of the video, but in it Swanigan throws down a dunk so hard HE CRACKS THE BACKBOARD!

During the stoppage in play the only solution was to have 7’2” Isaac Haas come over to try and adjust the rim. It must have worked, as the game was ready to continue afterwards, but perhaps there was a firm “no dunking” rule.

So there you have it. Caleb Swanigan has declared war on Spain, or at least the Catalonia region of Spain. He is a monster that now needs a 7 Nation Army to stop him, because one is not enough.