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23 Days to Purdue Football: Keyante Green & Josh Hayes

No, we don’t know why Keyante Green isn’t playing either.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Today is another double player day, including one that has apparently done everything possible to NOT play for Darrell Hazell.

Keyante Green - Jr.

McDonough, GA (Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy)

5’9”, 225 pounds

Running Back

2016 Projection: Chained to the bench for unknown reasons.

I have no earthly idea whatsoever as to why Green is not playing. The former 4-star recruit put up huge numbers in winning a state championship in Georgia. He ended up rushing for over 6,000 yards in his career, including 1,272 as a senior with 28 touchdowns.

That led to a redshirt in year one, and in year two he was the third string back behind Raheem Mostert and Akeem Hunt. It looked like 2015 would be his year after he had 199 yards on only 27 attempts. I mean, it just makes sense. A four-star talent on a team devoid of four stars gets to play a bit as a redshirt freshman and looks decent in the process. With Hunt and Mostert off to the NFL last year should have been his time to shine.

Since then he has virtually disappeared. Rumors were that he showed up to camp last year overweight. he was then passed by D.J. Knox and Markell Jones. Allegedly he played in three games as a reserve, but did not get a single carry. Now, with Knox injured and the No. 2 spot wide open he is not even being mentioned as a potential contributor.

Honestly, I am surprised Green is still here. I fully expected a transfer this offseason, but instead he is still here, languishing away as yet another 4-star talent Purdue failed to develop.

Josh Hayes - Fr.

Indianapolis, IN (Pike HS)

6’, 181 pounds


2016 Projection: Potential contributor at cornerback

Hayes is one of the freshman corners that has been mentioned as a potential contributor from day 1. From nearby Pike in Indianapolis, he played for one of the state’s larger schools against some of the best players Indiana has to offer. One of his highlights last season was a couple of interceptions of Hunter Johnson in a 55-34 season opening win over Brownsburg. Johnson is the top quarterback in the country in the 2017 recruiting class.