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Purdue Marketing Might Want to Rethink Football Promos

Really guys? Come on!

The beginning of August is usually an exciting time even for Purdue fans because it means that season tickets will start arriving in mailboxes across the country. Today was that day for me. I came outside to see the familiar gold envelope in my mailbox just has it been every year since 1987 for me (minus 1994 when my sister got married and the family sacrificed tickets to save for the wedding). They were right there, all seven games of hope that maybe there is a miraculous turnaround in the cards.

We Purdue season tickets holders are at least loyal in that regard. It may look bleak, but there are at least a few of us that keep believing even now.

As usual, the tickets came with various promotional materials, including the slick ad for each game's promo:

Yes. Purdue made THE PENN STATE GAME the game to promote its KID'S CLUB. With the Sandusky scandal still making waves even several years later it is not like it has been long forgotten. Sure, it is a home game and the current incarnation of the coaching staff had nothing to do with it, but come on! This is incredibly tone deaf at best!

Even worse: It is not like Penn State comes to Ross-Ade Stadium that often. Being in the East Division this might be their only trip to West Lafayette for 5-6 years.

I just... wow.