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Purdue Football Big Ten Championship Odds

No, they are not infinity.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Got some money to burn? Don't set it on fire! If you're going to get rid of it anyway you might as well bet on our Boilermakers to win the 2016 Big Ten football championship. Bovada released their odds today and, well, let's just say Purdue is not a favorite:

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the Big Ten Championship

Michigan                       7/4

Ohio State                                7/4

Michigan State                          7/1

Iowa                                         9/1

Nebraska                       9/1

Wisconsin                      14/1

Penn State                          18/1

Northwestern                             33/1

Minnesota                      40/1

Illinois                                       50/1

Indiana                                      50/1

Maryland                       50/1

Purdue                                      100/1

Rutgers                        100/1

But hey, Leicester City was a 5,000/1 shot at the beginning of the Premier League season and look what happened!

Here are the divisional odds:

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the Big Ten West Division

Iowa                                         1/1

Nebraska                       2/1

Wisconsin                      4/1

Northwestern                             9/1

Minnesota                      14/1

Illinois                                       25/1

Purdue                                      33/1

Of course there are several factors against Purdue this year:

  • Purdue hasn't won an outright Big Ten championship since 1929
  • Purdue is 2-22 against the Big Ten under Darrell Hazell
  • Purdue would still have to beat Ohio State, Michigan, or Michigan State in the title game.

Purdue at least has the "weaker" division to play against and the West favorite comes to West Lafayette! We don't have the worst odds out there.

  • Kansas is 250/1 to win the Big 12.
  • The Cleveland Browns are a 200/1 shot to win the Super Bowl.
  • The Braves are a 2000/1 shot to win the 2016 World Series.