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Happy 4th of July from H&R

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Today in the United States (and other parts of the globe with a lot of Americans/hate for the British*), we celebrate the 4th of July. For our international visitors, the 4th of July is, to put it in 2016 terms, the first and most successful Brexit.

It is also the only time of year (outside of Christmas) where a Boilermaker is allowed to wear the color red (but I prefer white and blue on this day).

What ever you do with this day, spend it with your family and friends, have fun, and be thankful. We all have our complaints about this country and its issues, but for today we can be thankful that we live in such a great country. Sure, the United States is no longer the only country with democracy or freedom or Mc-Everything, but we were doing it before it was cool. Damn straight we’re Freedom Hipsters!

And throughout the day, remember these words that we say every time at Ross-Ade:

I am an American.

That's the way most of us put it, just matter of factly.

They are plain words, those four:

you could write them on your thumbnail,

or sweep them across this vast July sky.

But remember too, that they are more than just words.

They are a way of life.

So whenever you speak them, speak them firmly,

Speak them proudly,

Speak them gratefully.


Happy 4th of July, everyone! And for our international readers: hope your Monday doesn’t suck too much.

*I spent Independence Day 2007 in Ireland and we visited the Blarney Castle and Blarney Stone. They placed a sign outside the entrance saying “Happy 4th of July to our American Visitors!” with the US flag next to it. To this day I’m not sure if it was because of all the American tourists that visit Ireland or if they just want to celebrate a British defeat.