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Vote for David Boudia to Carry U.S. Flag at Olympic Opening Ceremony

Let's help David Boudia honor America!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Being selected to carry the flag of your country at the opening ceremonies for the Olympics is considered one of the greatest honors you can have as an athlete. With only six days to go before the opening ceremony in Rio the United States has not selected its flagbearer, but we can help.

Purdue's own David Boudia is one of 17 athletes that is in the NBC Sports poll to choose the U.S. flagbearer:

David Boudia, diving: Boudia claimed 10m platform gold in London alongside a synchronized platform bronze, and returns to back up both medals with more trips to the podium in Rio.

So go! VOTE! America created the glorious bastion of democracy and we can help David honor this country just like Neil Armstrong once honored this country: by carrying a flag for all the world to see. David is facing some stiff competition, but with everyone's help we can get this done.