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Purdue Offers 2017 Aussie Big Jacob Epperson

It is always good to have extremely tall individuals in basketball.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue has done quite well for itself the past few years with 7-foot tall or better individuals. With only one left in Isaac Haas the pipeline must be refreshed soon, and coach Painter is attempting to address that as he recently offered another very tall human being.Yesterday he offered Jacob Epperson, a 6'11" center from Australia according to GBI.

Here is a primer from on Epperson from Jeeven Singh of AUSA Hoops, who will play this coming season with prime Purdue target Jaren Jackson at LaPorte LaLumiere:

Jacob Epperson's ascent to his current standing as a top 50 ranked player in the US, as one of the most prominent breakout players in all of American high school basketball and as a scholarship holder at the prestigious La Lumiere High School in Indiana (ranked no. 1 in the US high school pre-season rankings), has been nothing short of remarkable. The coverage he received while was over there was a testament to this (featured in pieces by and Slam Magazine). Given the fact he was flying under the radar here in Australia, his story is a perfect illustration of seizing an opportunity and making the most of it.

Before we go into the whirlwind that has been his past few weeks, it's important to frame Epperson's recent successes against his experience down under.

Standing at 6'11 with a 7'2 wingspan, along with good hands and the ability to run the floor, Epperson's physicals point to an incredibly high ceiling. However, the lengthy big did not make a single State team during his career as a junior in Australia.

Epperson is not on a lot of ranking lists right now because he is an international player relatively new to the states. LaLumiere has three five-star talents on the roster, however, and Purdue has recruited there well in the past with Rapheal Davis, Sandi Marcius,  and Jay Simpson as recent products. Playing relatively close to West Lafayette will also help, too.