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Purdue Basketball Recruiting: Maxwell Evans

It looks like Coach Painter is continuing to broaden his horizons with that increased budget, making the top 10 for an explosive guard from the Lone Star State.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, we all know this, the 2017 recruiting class is loaded with talent across the board. The state of Indiana is loaded with talent to be particular. Just in Indiana we have three guys in the top 20 of Rivals' top 150, these are Kris Wilkes, Brian Bowen and Jaren Jackson. Then let's throw in three more guys that are in the top 150 ranked just outside of the top 20, Jeremiah Tilmon, Paul Scruggs and Malik Williams.

Let me make this clear, the state of Indiana is loaded, but how many of these guys will actually stay in state? Who knows. But I do know that CMP is using that increased budget in a great way. A couple weeks ago I wrote about Evan Battey, an under the basket forward from California that score from all over, he now has an offer from us.

But, Painter hasn't just extended to the west coast, he also continues to try and pluck players from the Lone Star State. Our lone commit from 2016, Carsen Edwards is from there, so why not continue recruiting there.

Today, a 6'2 EXPLOSIVE guard announced his top 10. I would say we are in pretty good shape and personally I want this kid here. I love his attitude from what I saw on film and how athletic he is, something we lack at the two guard spot. Here is his tweet from this afternoon:

In my opinion, CMP has done a great job recruiting the past few years, that 2014 class helped bring us back, with Vince Edwards, Isaac Haas, P.J. Thompson, Dakota Mathias and Jacquil Taylor. 2015 brought us Caleb Swanigan our most decorated recruit in 20 years and the sharpshooter Ryan Cline. 2016, Carsen Edwards, an attacking point guard that will make an impact this season.

So, bring on this Maxwell Evans kid, he would bring us something at the two guard spot we lack with Dakota and Ryan. We might strike out on the big time in state kids, but we might hit home runs with CMP's improved out of state recruiting, with Evan Battey, Maxwell Evans, C.J. Roberts, Kyle Young and Xavier Tillman. In Painter we trust! Here are couple of videos so you can see Maxwell jump out of a gym. Enjoy.