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Two Former Boilers Still Alive in The Basketball Tournament

You're damn right Willie Deane is back!

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Basketball Tournament has become a popular summer destination for many college stars of the recent past. It is an open application 5-on-5 tournament where the winning team will split $2 million. There is a lot of other complicated things like being a team GM or a booster, but basically there are 64 teams, four regions, and it plays out single elimination like the NCAA Tournament.

We’re down to 16 teams now, and two of them have old Purdue players on them.

Armored Athlete – There are a ton of former Indiana players on this roster such as Will Sheehey, Christian Watford, Jordan Hulls, and Cody Zeller as a booster. They reached the Regional final last summer, but they also have Purdue’s Jon Octeus. They will face the Golden Eagles (Marquette alumni) tomorrow at 7pm on ESPN2.

Boeheim’s Army – This team is made up mostly of Syracuse alums, but they have a Purdue player going WAY back on their roster: Willie Deane! Willie Deane is so old school he was playing when I was last a student 14 years ago. Last year in the Tournament they were a regional finalist like Armored Athlete. This year they face the Untouchables at 7pm on ESPN2.