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Purdue Basketball Alumni Game Roster Update

More players have been added to the roster for Purdue's upcoming alumni game at Lafayette Jeff HS.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

We are now up to 19 players confirmed for the alumni game at Lafayette Jeff HS on August 6th. today Purdue announced the addition of Matt Kiefer, Maynard Lewis, Bobby Riddell, and Mark Wohlford. There will probably be a few more named soon, but here is the complete list so far:

Brandon Brantley (1997)
D.J. Byrd (2013)
Brian Cardinal (2000)
Rapheal Davis (2016)
• Roy Hairston (1996)
Robbie Hummel (2012)
Lewis Jackson (2012)
Kenneth Lowe (2004)
• Frank Kendrick (1974)
Matt Kiefer (2006)
Maynard Lewis (2002)
• Todd Mitchell (1988)
Jon Octeus (2015)
Bobby Riddell (2009)
Mike Robinson (2000)
Ryne Smith (2012)
David Teague (2007)
• Matt Waddell (1995)
Mark Wohlford (2010)

We need to get on the phone because this list is missing one critical name that I think we would all like to see from that 1994 team that made the Elite Eight. You know who I am talking about.

We need to bring Matt ten Dam home.