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Praying for Purdue's Will Colmery Battling a Tumor

The sophomore defensive tackle is battling a tumor heading into the fall.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't heard of Purdue's Will Colmery, that's okay. He is a little used defensive tackle that was part of the 2014 recruiting class and he redshirted in his first season on campus. He is from Western Spring, Illinois and he saw very little action last season. It was hoped he could provide some much needed depth at defensive tackle this coming season, but that is in serious doubt now.

I am not sure what type of tumor or where it is, but this is undoubtedly some scary stuff for a guy who will turn 21 in just a few days according to his bio at Purdue sports.

We here at Hammer & Rails are pulling for you, big man. We want you back on the field as soon as possible and stronger than ever. Keep fighting, big man.