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Spike Albrecht's Intraconference Waiver Approved; Will Officially Play for Purdue in 2016-17 Season

Michigan v Florida Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There really wasn’t much doubt that Spike Albrecht’s transfer to Purdue would be a messy one. Of course, being Purdue fans, I’m sure some of us were a little worried that the Big Ten might mess up the paperwork and we wouldn’t see Spike take the court this season. After all, some of us are still a little hurt after Purdue tripped over a Little Rock.

So for the few of you that were holding your breath, feel free to breathe again: the Big Ten Conference has approved Spike’s intraconference waiver, and he will play for Purdue this upcoming season.

The Big Ten Conference typically requires any intraconference transfers to sit out at least one year before playing for their new university. This also applies to graduate transfers, who do not have to sit out a year according to the NCAA. However, a player can submit a waiver to the Big Ten so they can play immediately, and right now I cannot recall a case where the B1G rejected the waiver. Max Bielfeldt, also a graduate transfer from Michigan, had his waiver approved to play for Indiana last season.

Looking forward to a great season from Spike this season. And who knows, maybe he can play extremely well and get an ESPY after this season: