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Four Confirmed For Purdue Basketball Alumni Game

The first four players for the alumni game on August 6th have been named.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Per a release from Purdue today, the first four players for the alumni game on Saturday, August 6th at Lafayette Jeff HS have been confirmed. It is a good group of alums, too:

The first group of alums that have committed to play are Brian Cardinal (Class of 2000), Rapheal Davis (Class of 2016), David Teague (Class of 2007) and Robbie Hummel (Class of 2012).


Brian Cardinal (2000)

Rapheal Davis (2016)

Robbie Hummel (2012)

David Teague (2007)

Robbie Hummel is going to play after a shoulder injury cost him his European season last winter. David Teague is still local, while Ray D. and Brian Cardinal are crowd favorites that will not be hanging them up any time soon. We can expect four more players to be named tomorrow by Purdue and each weekday  over the next few weeks.