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E'Twaun Moore Just Got Paid

The new athletic director now has another pro Boiler to send a donation letter to.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

He was barely drafted at No. 55 overall.

He has technically been part of four NBA teams already (Boston, Orlando, Houston, Chicago)

He was a bare minimum salary guy before this year, only cracking the $1 million salary mark for the first time this past year.

Still, he is a Boilermaker, which means he busted his ass. And now he has GOTTEN PAID.

It is a well deserved contract for a hard worker. He was expected to be a commodity in free agency, and with absurd deals being thrown all over the place (Mike Conley for $153 million? Are you serious?) he was due to get some cash thrown his way.

Congrats to E'Twaun for his deal. It's not like he was broke before, but the journeyman has gotten himself a contract and is set for life now. The Baby Boiler is all growed up!