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64 Days to Purdue Football: Johnny Daniels

The often overlooked junior is now on the offensive line.

No... JOHNNY Daniels, not CHARLIE Daniels!
No... JOHNNY Daniels, not CHARLIE Daniels!
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Today's player is entering his fourth season in the program, but little impact on the defensive side of the ball has led to a position switch for him:

Johnny Daniels - Jr.

Chicago, Illinois (Foreman HS)

6'3", 301 pounds

Offensive Line

2016 Projection: Reserve on the offensive line

Daniels originally came to Purdue as a defensive tackle. He was one of the best players in the Chicago area with 82 tackles and five sacks as a senior in high school. It looked like he would be an impact player after being named Defensive Player of the Year for the Chicago city league in 2012.

Unfortunately, he has not made an impact at all. In three years he did not see the field on defense, and now he has flipped over to the offensive line, where Purdue needs depth. Right now he does not figure into the rotation much. At least he is going to earn his Purdue degree.