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Ross-Ade Stadium Needs An Actual Train

When looking for architectural inspiration look no further than Eastern Europe.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

TJ Tatran Cierny Balog.

Yeah, that is a collection of words alright. As it turns out, they are an amateur soccer team somewhere in Slovakia. We also need to look to them for inspiration if the Ross-Ade renovations ever get on track. This is why:

(Hat tip to Jason Miller for finding this.)


The team is a small one and this appears to be a rural field, but they have a nice fan page (if you can read Slovakian). Here is some more from the Independent:

The team's support enjoy the obstruction to their view greatly, taking photos and cheering the locomotive's passage through the ground.

Perhaps it is a testament to the frequency of such an event, as play continues despite thick steam and a loud whistle coming from the train.

It remains unknown how the ball is retrieved when settling on the line, or how strong the train's windows are.

How can you not be excited about this? This is a fantastic idea that needs to happen and we need to have a Kickstarter to raise enough funds to make it happen. I don't care about the logistics. At minimum it would put Purdue football in the national spotlight for something other than "good god they are awful."