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You're Welcome, Everyone

The athletic department reverses course and does something right!

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

We were just doing a public service, y'all:

Due to overwhelming interest in the recently announced Purdue Pete Bobblehead Series, the John Purdue Club has secured a limited number of complete sets, which are available for purchase. The series includes five bobblehead representations of Purdue Pete from 1956 to 2016. The bobblehead sets are on sale for $55* through the Purdue Athletics Ticket Office by clicking here and logging on to your ticket office account and selecting "Purdue Pete Bobblehead Collection" or by calling 800.49.SPORT through June 17.

Overwhelming interest? Or was it the legion of fans we have at Hammer & Rails contacting the athletic department and reminding them that it was effing stupid to make football season ticket holder drop another $25-40 on another game ticket just to get a bobblehead. I will let you decide.

Credit is due to the athletic department for getting this one right, however, even if it is a slight backtrack.