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Boiler Nick Wittgren Gets First MLB Win

The rookie is on his third stint with the Marlins this season.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Marlins rookie pitcher Nick Wittgren, a Purdue alum who pitched for the Boilers from 2010-12, had a memorable night in The Show last night. He is on his third stint this year, as he has been back and forth between Miami and Triple-A New Orleans, but last night he earned his first major league victory by throwing three perfect innings. He even struck out three of the nine batters he faced.

From our SB Nation Marlins site:

Wittgren pitched the 10th, 11th, and 12th innings for the Marlins, and earned the victory by allowing exactly zero baserunners and striking out three Pirates. It was his first decision of the season and also dropped his ERA to an impressive 1.59. He put 24-of-34 pitches in the strikezone during his appearance.

Wittgren got the win on a walk-off double in the 12th by Christian Yelich. We even have some video because we're awesome like that.

It is the first MLB win for a former Purdue pitcher since Josh Lindblom won a game in 2013 with Texas.