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Steele Johnson Featured on Gold Medal Families

Johnson will be one of six Olympic hopefuls featured on the Lifetime Docuseries premiering June 28 at 9pm ET.

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This past week Steele Johnson, the Purdue sophomore from Carmel, qualified for both the individual 10-meter platform diving competition in Rio and the 10-meter Synchro with partner (and Purdue alum) David Boudia. Tonight at 9pm ET he will be one of six athletes featured on the Lifetime Docuseries "Gold Medal Families". Yes, I am getting to this late to set your DVRs, but it is likely going to be re-aired several times so you will at least know where to look.

Here is what the production company has to say about the series in their release:

The road to the Olympics starts at home, where extraordinary athletes and their families sacrifice everything for their dreams of glory in the new Lifetime docuseries, Gold Medal Families, premiering Tuesday, June 28, at 9pm ET/PT.Back-to-back episodes will air on four consecutive Tuesdays this summer.  The series showcases six Olympic hopefuls and their families, revealing the extraordinary lengths, economic hardships and personal sacrifices they all go through to get their elite athlete to the podium of the world games.

"For the first time, Gold Medal Families, will take audiences inside the families behind great Olympic hopefuls in the final months before the Games — showcasing the incredible support and love that these elite athletes are given throughout the highs and lows of their journey," said executive producer Charlie Ebersol, chairman and founder of The Company.

And here is what it has to say about Steel in particular:

Diver, Steele Johnson, 19, Carmel, IN, is one of the favorites to take gold in diving and men's synchronized platform at the games this summer. Steele's close-knit family, parents Bill and Jill and siblings Race and Hollyn, have invested financially and emotionally into Steele's road to Rio with no backup plan. As devout Christians, the church is also an important support system for the Johnson family through this journey.

They were kind enough to provide us with a clip on Steele's story:

0625_GMF_EP101_STEELE_FAMILY PASSION from Matt Duclos on Vimeo.

So keep your eyes peeled for more tonight!