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David Boudia and Steele Johnson Qualify for 2016 Olympics… Again!


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last week Steele Johnson and David Boudia qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics as the top synchro team on the 10-meter platform. Tonight both Boilers qualified individually, meaning both will be competing in two events: one as teammates and one against each other as both qualified in the 10-meter platform individual event.

Boudia and Johnson were 1-2 after the semifinals and tonight they maintained that spot. Boudia finished first with a score of 1,534.40, while Johnson held off David Dinsmore by finishing second with a score of 1,475.15 points. That included this dive:

Boudia, of course, is your defending Olympic champion and has an excellent chance of securing two more gold medals. Johnson can win a pair as well if he topples Boudia individually. Regardless, The 10-meter men's diving is dominated by Purdue in the United States.

Now to dominate the world.