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Conspiracy Theory: Katie Douglas Our Next Athletic Director

You want a winner? Here is a winner! Decorated college and WNBA basketball player, Katie Douglas, comes home to revitalize the athletic department.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Shall I continue on these posts on theories of who I dream of being our next AD? I SHALL. Next up, Katie Douglas. I am 100% sure that the comments section will talk about her having no prior experience running an athletic department. But, I am here to persuade you, well I hope anyway.

Many of our readers said there is no one that could be a "Purdue Guy" who was a winner, or many said they want someone to come from a program where they have won at the highest level. LOOK NO FURTHER.

Katie Douglas is a "Purdue Girl", sure I could have used Stephanie White here, but she just signed with Vanderbilt and we all know that Purdue will not buy out any contract for a hire. Katie Douglas was successful here, winning a national championship as a Sophomore (winning at the highest level) and doing so in great fashion. Let me remind you of her accolades during her senior year: Big Ten Player of the Year, AP Second Team All-American, Big Ten Scoring Champion, averaging 21.1 PPG and Academic All Big Ten.

Is this a stretch? Absolutely, probably not even on the radar, but that is why it is a theory. But, I will list some reasons why I want her here.

  1. Like previously mentioned, she is a "Purdue Girl". She has come back for many events and loves this university. The state of Indiana is her home also, Purdue isn't too far from where she grew up. Not only that, she is a proven winner at both the collegiate level and in the WNBA with the Indiana Fever. We want a winner, she has done it, even over seas, where she played a few seasons. She is a leader and could lead us out of the dark days we are in. Sure, she isn't a football or men's basketball alumni, but Burke was a swimmer, so it isn't that far fetched.
  2. Not everyone liked my reasoning that Alstott graduated with a business degree from Purdue to qualify him. But, I will go with it again, Katie graduated with a Communications degree. That could come in handy because you have to COMMUNICATE when being an Athletic Director, something Morgan Burke has evidently forgot about, or he communicates, but has no idea what he is saying. Probably the latter.
  3. She had a bobble-head night. Which obviously means she is qualified to be an athletic director. All joking aside, she would be a cheap option for the position and a familiar face on campus. Sure, it isn't the sexy hire everyone wants, but I personally wouldn't mind it. It would easily be the most money per year she would make, even if we did sign her cheap, which is what ol' Mitch Daniels wants.

Welp, there you have it, part two of my "conspiracy" theories of who I want to be the next Athletic Director at our great university. You guys seemed to like the poll yesterday, so go ahead and call me an idiot some more or agree. But, Katie Douglas would be a cheap option that has won at all levels and is a "Purdue Girl".