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Conspiracy Theory: Mike Alstott Our Next Athletic Director

The hire of our next Athletic Director needs to be a home run, Mr. Alstott could fit that need.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The summer of 2017 cannot come soon enough for Purdue fans across the nation. This of course is when our fearless leader Morgan Burke will be stepping down as Purdue University's Athletic Director. Lets not hide the facts, we all have July 2017 circled with a big bold red marker, the month we celebrate, literally the ENTIRE month as he will be gone. The terrifying fact is that he will have a hand in who our next AD will be.

I am here to calm the waters with my conspiracy theory. Mike Alstott will be our next AD, why you ask? I'm not quite sure, but I have had this crazy idea in my head since his son, Griffin Alstott committed a few months ago. I know most of our readers know who Mike is, but if you don't, GET OUT OF YOUR HOLE. Or, you might be too young to remember him.

Well, Mike was our dominant Fullback/Running Back from 1992-1995, before he was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1996 with the 35th overall pick. He totaled 3635 total rushing yards and 39 rushing touchdowns. He is one of the most decorated Boilermakers in our rich football history. He frequently comes back for spring games, regardless of how terrible we are and while he hasn't donated over a million dollars like Drew Brees, he has stayed in contact with the program, so much that his son has committed.

SO, why do I have this crazy idea?

  1. Like previously mentioned his son has committed to our Boilers. This is my biggest reason for this conspiracy. While Griffin doesn't have a lot of offers and Purdue is by far his "biggest" he is still coming here. The Alstotts reside in sunny Florida, does Mike really want to fly in for games? He could already be in West Lafayette to watch his son front and center, something all fathers want.
  2. Mike holds his bachelors degree from Purdue in business. Our trustworthy president, Mitch Daniels wants the athletic department treated like a business, so he could have his vote. Being savvy with money (hopefully he would come in and spend millions of dollars on things that we desperately need) to a point that will get us back into the middle of the pack in the B1G "arms race". While the new football facility is a great start and attractive for athletic director candidates, we all know the other teams will catch up, fast, relegating our facilities to the bottom again.
  3. HE IS A PURDUE GUY. Please, don't bring in a failing AD from FREAKING Rutgers. I am sure the university loves that idea since he will be dirt cheap, but just don't .We need to hit a home run with this hire and it needs to be a guy that loves the university as much as all of us. Mike is as Purdue as it gets. Illinois went with a great hire with an Illinois guy, we need the same type of hire, Alstott fits that role. Also, with only being 42 years old, Mike could be here for quite some time.

There you have it. My conspiracy theory on why we need to bring Mike back. I am almost certain this will never happen in a million years, but it is nice to dream, right? The hiring of our next Athletic Director is vital for our University's athletics, we need someone who is a Purdue guy (or girl), and loves this university. Someone who will take charge of the athletic department but also sets the tone that we are not going to be the doormat of the B1G Ten any longer. Mike could be that guy.