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The Global Reach of Purdue Football

We run Tippecanoe, Marion, and Allen counties. The rest of the world can wait.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is a dark and dangerous place before we get back to Purdue football (which is arguably darker and more dangerous). Thanks to reddit CFB and their weekly Friday time waster we now know that Purdue is the favorite team of exactly three counties nationally:

Yep, that's Tippecanoe (where Purdue happens to be located) Allen, and I think Marion county that named Purdue as its favorite college football team. this likely isn't a surprise. At 6-30 over the last three seasons I am surprised we have fans at all aside from the writers and commenters here on this blog. It is depressing, however, to have more counties represented by Michigan and Oregon in our own state. the good news is that Marion and Allen counties are at least hte home of the state's two largest cities in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne.

The blown up map can be seen here.

Some other interesting points:

  • Random love for Clemson, Georgia, Penn State, Cincinnati, and LSU in a few random counties. I didn't know that theLegendofShawnMacarthy lived in Benton County.
  • Poor Ball State
  • I am surprised that Louisville and Cincinnati did not fare better in border counties.
  • Wisconsin and Northwestern OWN Vermont. No one tell Delaney or he's going to go after than Ben & Jerry's money.
  • Oklahoma State on the east end of Long Island is just one of the many odd things here.
  • I want to see Alaska. I assume Hawaii is all Hawaii.
  • New Mexico or New Mexico State can't even get No. 1 in their own state's counties.
  • Western Kansas oddly LOVES Stanford.