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Kevin Sumlin’s Texas A&M Career Just Blew Up

Please, for the love of God powers that be, be smart enough to hire him after this season.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Never tweet angry.

This is a lesson I should have learned a long time ago as a blog manager, but I still succumb to the temptation to lash out 140 characters as a time. Still, I am only a blog manager. I am not a football coach at a major university in the SEC. Our friends at Good Bull Hunting have done a great job of providing the details, where wide receiver coach Aaron Moorehead went a little nuts because a 5-star QB recruit decommitted. All hell then broke loose because a 4-star wide receiver then decommitted as a result of Moorehead's tirade. This has made Kevin Sumlin's already warm seat even hotter (though he had absolutely nothing to do with it).

So what does this have to do with Purdue? Well, Sumlin has been under fire because he keeps losing marquee quarterback recruits. The shine of beating Alabama in Tuscaloosa in 2012 has gone off of him and despite a 36-16 record in College Station Aggie fans want blood. They are demanding SEC and national championships despite not actually winning a national title since 1939 because they are effing crazy.

Sumlin may well be on his way out unless he rolls undefeated through the SEC West, winning every game by 35 points, because that is how nuts these people are. If Sumlin is available after the 2016 season he is pretty much the number one choice to replace Darrell Hazell. Yeah, some TAMU fans might scoff at us wanting their "mediocre" coach, but when you're as bad as we are, mediocre seems like an oasis in the sun with fruity drinks. We currently have a coach that would need a small miracle against a lousy schedule to get to a bowl game in Detroit. Playing in a Cotton Bowl or a Peach Bowl? We'd have a parade for Sumlin.

So what if Sumlin can't hold on to five-star recruits? Dollar Bill Darrell can barely get three-star guys to talk to him. Many people say that Purdue should have hired Sumlin back in 2012, but the timing was all wrong then. We were coming off the third season for Danny Hope where season 1 was promising with a bunch of close losses (remember that? We were all excited we could have been 10-2 with a few breaks!) and season 2 was completely derailed by injuries. Season three at least saw the Boilers reach, and win, a bowl game, which was measured progress in terms of these things called "wins", which clearly isn't the measured progress that keeps Hazell around. It made sense at the time to extend Hope. We all know what happened with that extension as the next year was pretty much a disaster against any team with a pulse.

Sumlin now has eight years of experience as a head coach, has won at least eight games in seven of those eight, and is 71-33 overall. So what if he is 17-15 against the SEC? Purdue hasn't gone 17-15 against the Big Ten in a four-year span in over a decade. We're also not getting Saban or his ilk any time soon in West Lafayette. Sumlin would be a vast improvement and the best possible candidate.

Naturally, I know how this will turn out. Burke's replacement will not be found before December, meaning no matter what he won't make a move on Hazell, who still has a buyout of over $4 million and we have a President that is spendthrift toward athletics. Hazell will be kept because of "measureable progress" with his buyout having nothing to do with it and someone else will get Sumlin.

So, if you're keeping score at home, here is what we need:

  • Burke's replacement to be found before or during the season
  • The expected dismal season from Hazell
  • Daniels to be okay with said new AD firing Hazell
  • Sumlin getting fired from A&M (because we certainly can't afford HIS buyout).
  • All parties being smart enough to bring him home.