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Vegas Has a Modicum of Faith in Purdue Football

After 6 wins in three years, Vegas still has some faith.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

The first football over/unders were released earlier this week and here is what Vegas thinks about the coming Big Ten season:

Depending on your view of the situation, Vegas either does not believe in Purdue or they believe in the Boilers way too much. Purdue has the lowest total to go along with Rutgers, Illinois, Indiana, and Maryland. I supposed that they thing 4-5 wins is possible because Purdue plays three of those four teams, but they are all on the road, where Purdue has won exactly once in the last three seasons.

It is also apparent that Vegas has a raging Harboner for Michigan. I assume this is for regular season games and doesn't include Big Ten Championship plus bowl or playoff, but 10 is way up there.

As we discussed earlier, the schedule is there for 4-6 wins, but does anyone really think Darrell Hazell is going to pull this team above the over?