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H&R Podcast #12: Swanigan and Edwards Leave NBA Draft, Return to Purdue

It's not too soon to talk about next season.

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Swanigan and Edwards are excited to hear our latest podcast!
Swanigan and Edwards are excited to hear our latest podcast!
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

With the big(gie) announcement yesterday, Travis and Juan discuss Caleb Swanigan returning to Purdue for his sophomore season, along with the more expected return of Vincent Edwards for his junior season. Though Swanigan had us in suspense for the last couple of weeks, we feel relieved that he is returning, and felt that he approached this well, even if we had our disagreements. Swanigan looks to have an amazing sophomore season, and along with a more experienced team, they could have a great season if they can get past their loaded non-conference schedule.

Sorry, no cold open this week. We didn't have Casey to say something stupid and inappropriate this time.

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