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Caleb Swanigan to Return for Sophomore Season

Biggie is back! Let's the hype for 2016-17 begin!

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports


Yep, Biggie is back! Here is the word from Gregg Doyel at the Indianapolis Star:

And from Purdue itself:

And finally, Biggie himself:

So what does this mean? Well, here is the updated scholarship grid:

Player ('16-'17) ('17-'18) ('18-'19) ('19-'20)
Spike Albrecht Grad
Basil Smotherman RS Junior RS Senior
Vince Edwards Junior Senior
Dakota Mathias Junior Senior
Isaac Haas Junior Senior
P.J. Thompson Junior Senior
Jacquil Taylor RS Soph. RS Junior RS Senior
Ryan Cline Sophomore Junior Senior
Caleb Swanigan Sophomore Junior Senior
Carsen Edwards Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Scholarships Used 10 9 4 1
Scholarships Left 3 4 9 12

We're still awaiting word on Kostas Antetokuonmpo (and we know nothing there, either), but it makes for a very interesting series of lineup choices. Also, it seems highly unlikely at this point that Biggie stays for 3 years, so you can likely consider another spot open for 2017-18 forward.

I tend to think Purdue might be better this coming seasons because we won't be married to having a lumbering 7-foot center on the floor at all times, thus allowing for more versatility on offense. Who knows though.

The good news is that Biggie is back. For all the negativity he has taken he is still a guy that nearly averaged a double-double as a freshman. It is always good to get that back. Hopefully we get fewer turnovers and more Beast Mode like he was against Wisconsin.