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Vincent Edwards to Return for Junior Season

Vincent confirms what we have long suspected.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

One of the big dominoes has fallen in Purdue's favor. As expected, Vince Edwards has taken his name out of the 2016 NBA Draft and will return for his junior season according to a release from Purdue:

"After getting the NBA experience and going through the evaluation process, I have talked with my family and Coach Painter and decided it is best for me to return for my junior year. Although the NBA is still a dream for me one day, I am coming back to Purdue to make next year a special one. Thank you to all the organizations who gave me the chance to not only showcase my talents, but also the chance to know me as a young man and not just an athlete," said Edwards.

This is not a surprise, as he was considered a longshot to be drafted this season. Edwards is on many top 100 lists for the 2017 NBA Draft, with most having him as a mid- to late-second round pick.

As for Caleb Swanigan, he will work out with Atlanta today and has stated he will finalize his decision tonight or tomorrow, with tomorrow being the deadline.