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Caleb Swanigan and Vince Edwards Monday Update: Still Undecided

We're still waiting, but Monday looked to be very good for Purdue.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Today was the day that Caleb Swanigan worked out for the hometown Indiana Pacers, who are also linked to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants from Caleb's hometown. We're still no closer to a decision though:

More from Nathan's article:

"I haven't talked to any team that's like, 'You should go back to school,' " Swanigan said. "Some teams say it's your decision, we're not going to push you either way.

"I wouldn't have any problem going back to Purdue. I had a great time and a great year there."

Swanigan said he is working out with the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday and will make his decision that night or Wednesday.

Swanigan reiterated that returning to Purdue remains a viable option. He said is enrolled for classes both for the summer and the fall.

"I've always had to work toward my dreams but keep a realistic mentality," Swanigan said, standing on the Bankers Life Fieldhouse court where he won a state championship with Homestead a little more than a year ago. "But being here in this position is very humbling."

Officially, Caleb has worked out with San Antonio, Phoenix, Minnesota, New Orleans, Houston, Indiana, and now Atlanta pending. Clearly, he is taking this very seriously, but when you do some amateur tea leaf reading here it seems like today was a good day for Purdue. Today's comments are some of the first that seem more slanted towards returning to Purdue, and he might have tipped his hand a little by letting on that he is enrolled for summer and fall classes.

Vince Edwards

According to Jeff Goodman, Edwards is done with his workouts:

There are a lot of announcements today from other players around the country that will be coming back, so expect something official from his camp at any time.