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Mackey Arena, Holloway Gym Will Need New Floors

According to Associate AD Tom Schott the water damage from this weekend's broken water main will necessitate major repairs and the replacement of the court in Holloway Gym and Mackey Arena.

More reports concerning the damage caused by a broken water main are coming in and it looks as if both Mackey Arena and Holloway Gym will need to have the floors replaced due to flooring. Tom Schott, the associate athletics director, said this morning that both Belin Court for volleyball and Keady Court in Mackey Arena will need to be replaced:

One of our readers has supplied photos too:

Volleyball coach Dave Shondell said that summer camps will be moving forward, however:

I am guessing that Cardinal Court will now see more duty over the summer, as well as the Co-Rec. There is no word on the status of the football locker room, however.

UPDATE: Bob Holloway, who is the namesake of Holloway Gym, also passed away this weekend according to Purdue:

In 2001 he donated $1.5 million to the construction of the Boilermaker Aquatic Center and saw the competition pool named for his wife, Doris Z. Holloway. He endowed a student athletic scholarship in 2003 and supported the Schwartz Tennis Center and the Blake Family Wrestling Training Center in 2004. He also contributed to a new video editing system for the football team and pledged $100,000 to Lambert Field in 2006. Most recently, he contributed $2 million to the Mackey Arena project, resulting in the gymnasium in the Brees Academic Performance Center being renamed Holloway Gymnasium.