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Caleb Swanigan Talks Phoenix Visit

Yep, it is another Swanigan update.

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Since we're sitting and waiting for the next six days we might as well publish what little news we are hearing about Caleb Swanigan. I really don't want this to become a yearly thing, but it looks like it will. Swanigan worked out for the Suns this week and was interviewed for Arizona Central about the process:

"It doesn't really matter where I go, to me, honestly because it's just crazy in the league," Swanigan said. "Just got to find a spot that suits you and work hard. If a team thinks I can come and help them in their organization and they tell me that, that'll be my deciding factor.

"It's just, ‘Are you going to take me or not?' That's the biggest thing. If not, go back to school, work on my game and get better. It won't bother me if I have to go back to school and it won't bother me if I'm the 60th pick."

"It's a total win for the players," said Swanigan, 20. "It's giving us an advantage to be able to see, for guys like me that are just borderline guys, that aren't for-sure lottery picks, that aren't for sure even late second-round picks. It gives us an idea of what we need to work on or what an NBA team wants to see from us."

Those are some interesting comments, but they continue to confirm what we're all thinking: that Swanigan is gone if he gets any sort of guarantee from a team. The article states that he worked out with San Antonio and Minnesota with more to come with New Orleans and Houston.

Phoenix is interesting because they have a lot of picks gathered from various trades. They have their own pick at No. 4 as well as Washington's at No. 13 and Cleveland's at No. 28. In the second round, where they would be more likely to pick Swanigan, they have their own pick at No. 34, which seems to be a little too high for Swanigan.

As promised, friend of the blog Dan Dakich spoke on the Swanigan situation today and he intimated that Swanigan would not be returning:

Bear in mind this is third hand information on the internet. I didn't listen because I was busy working, but it is nothing new and earth-shattering. At this point I really don't think he is coming back regardless, but just my opinion based on a gut feeling and it is worth nothing. We will find out in about 6 days or less.

And no, we don't have news on Kostas Antetokounmpo. Yesterday was the last day of the signing period for a National Letter of Intent, but that doesn't mean anything. He can simply sign his scholarship papers like Swanigan did last year.