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Dan Dakich to Discuss Caleb Swanigan on Thursday's Show

Yeah, we're playing this game again.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Now, so we're not misquoting:

That's it. That is the entire message delivered by everyone's favorite Indianapolis radio personality when it comes to Caleb Swanigan. We're not going to say anything else related to this other than relay the message verbatim and let you guys run with the rampant speculation in the comments. It was a year ago that we ran afoul of Mr. Dakich and, while it ended up being a page hit boon for us, it was not fun to be dragged through the mud as "Blogger Boys" on his afternoon radio program.

So, to find out what he has to say tune in to his show tomorrow. We will even include a link to listen right here. Since, according to the GBI Knucklehead Board, all we care about is any publicity anyway, we might as well pay it back in kind. Thanks for the unplanned boost last year, Dan.