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The Big Ten Breakup With ESPN Has Purdue Network Shopping

Where will the new home of Purdue football be?

Purdue football's new host!
Purdue football's new host!
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

So, this was big news today:

That is significant because the Big Ten TV deal is being renegotiated and the conference is going to go where it can get the most money. Since Purdue is being kept afloat (barely) by the river of money flowing from the conference TV deals it means we need to be very interested in what happens next. This new TV deal will likely go a very long way towards financing any more needed improvements to Ross-Ade Stadium such as the South End zone, as well as the potential Darrell Hazell buyout.

Fox already has part of the deal, shelling out $250 million for about 25 football games and 50 basketball games per year. There is a lot more money to be thrown around, however. The next deal is very likely going to be in the billions of dollars. If ESPN isn’t going to be there, however, who will be? Thankfully, Twitter had answers.

Purdue Football! We laugh because it beats crying.