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2016 NBA Draft Combine: Swanigan Told To Come Back to School

It doesn't look like he will be drafted, but we're still awaiting the news that Caleb Swanigan will return for 2016-17.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

And now, we wait.

Caleb Swanigan and Vince Edwards both have the next nine days to decide if they will return to Purdue for next season. Edwards seems like almost a lock. He wasn't invited to the combine and he has some team workouts, but the general consensus is that he will return. With Caleb Swanigan it is different. He was at the combine, but according to Draft Express it did not go well:

The Purdue freshman had a very difficult time making his presence felt at the Combine, as he's undersized for the center position at 6'7 ½ barefoot, and lacks much in the way of explosiveness to compensate for that. He struggled badly trying to defend on the perimeter, and isn't skilled enough to play the power forward position full time yet. Unless he has his heart set on playing for his hometown Fort Wayne Mad Ants next year, returning to Purdue is certainly his best bet.

This is pretty much what we knew about Caleb. His deficiencies on defense, especially on the perimeter, were glaring all season long. There is no question he is a talented player, but there is a lot he needs to work on before that talent can go to the NBA. After the combine he is still listed as a top 100 prospect by Draft Express, but only at No. 83.

On the downside, at least from our perspective, Swanigan has the measurables that teams want. His hand width and wingspan impressed scouts. He has already worked out with San Antonio and will work out with Indiana, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Utah this week. His comments seem to suggest he is gone if anyone gives him a draft promise:

Asked what he's hoping NBA scouts and general managers learn from him, Swanigan said: "That I can help their team in any way they need me to. If it's a role player or if it's being the 15th man or the sixth man, it doesn't matter. I'm ready for any role."

In the same article he mentioned that he could decide by May 20, which is Friday. He considers being told he will be undrafted would be a "worst-case scenario."

So, we continue to wait. I really don't see a team drafting him and it does make sense for him to return to Purdue with specific goals in mind to showcase improvement. Those goals (a more consistent outside shot, greatly improved defense) would happen to help Purdue quite a bit and I know he is a tireless worker. Let's get him back, turn him into more of a beast, and he can go next year.