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Purdue Football: So, The Offense, Less Offensive?

I have high hopes for Purdue's offense this year, and I don't care who knows it! STOP LAUGHING GUYS I'M SERIOUS!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I made some grand prognostications on the post Spring defensive depth chart. Today I'm going to tackle the offense. Terry Malone probably has a better idea of what's going on with the offense after Spring practice because he was at Purdue last year, and no doubt took a few notes. If you're looking for a reason to be optimistic, the offense might do it for you. Since I am the now self proclaimed KING OF PURDUE FOOTBALL OPTIMISM, if only because I enjoy being contrary, I don't need a reason to believe, but I'm assuming some of you do.

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion. I have no first hand knowledge of the inner working of Terry Malone's brain, nor have I actually talked to the man. I think I could pick him out of a police lineup....maybe. So, this is just one sad, bargain basement bloggers guess.


David Blough-So. (6'1, 205)

Elijah Sindelar-Rs Fr. (6'4, 230)


Markell Jones-So. (5'11, 210)

Tario Fuller-Rs Fr. (6'0, 195) or David Yancey- Jr. (5'10, 220)


DeAngelo Yancey-Sr. (6'2, 215)

Dan Monteroso-Sr. (6'3, 195)


Domonique Young-Sr. (6'3, 210)

Bilal Marshall-Sr. (6'2, 200)


Cameron Posey-Sr. (6'1, 195)

Gregory Phillips-Jr. (6'0, 195)


Cole Herdman-So. (6'4, 240)

Bryson Hopkins-Rs. Fr. (6'5, 250)


Martesse Patterson-So. (6'3, 340)

Cameron Cermin-Sr. (6'5, 310)


Jordan Roos-Sr. (6'4, 300)

Cameron Cermin-Sr. (6'5, 310)


Kirk Barron-So. (6'2, 300)

Cameron Cermin-Sr. (6'5, 310)


Jason King-Sr. (6'4, 310)

Cameron Cermin-Sr. (6'5, 310)


Cameron Cermin-Sr. (6'5, 310)

Matt McCann-Rs. Fr. (6'6, 320)


The offensive line is woefully short on bodies. Cameron Cermin has done a little bit of everything in his Purdue career, and may legitimately be Purdue's back up at every position, with Matt McCann stepping into to his right tackle spot should he have to move. Help is possibly on the way, as massive JuCo tackle Jalen Neal (6'7, 310) will on campus this fall, after a glitch in his paperwork (or classwork) delayed his enrollment at Purdue by a semester. If Neal can make a quick transition to the college game, Purdue's line will have a few more options.

The wide receiver depth chart is stocked full of seniors. Keep an eye on my favorite frenchman Anthony "La Resistance" Mahoungou in fall camp. My man has transitioned from one injury to the next during his time in West Lafayette, but he might be the smoothest running receiver on the team when he isn't hobbled. Purdue could use someone other than a senior to step up, otherwise it's going to be a total rebuild next season.

The backup running back spot is interesting. Tario Fuller is my guy, but I've been on the Fuller train since he committed. He gives Purdue a little different type of athlete in the backfield. I think the number 2 back will probably be by committee, depending on the situation, and if Purdue can figure it out, that's not really a bad thing.

We need to discuss the monster that is Richie Worship. The man runs with a purpose and he needs to be on the field. My hope, neigh, my dream, is that Purdue utilizes him in some sort of hybrid H-back role, using him to blow open holes for Markell and getting to the outside and destroying defensive backs. He has the ability if the coaches can figure out how to use him. If nothing else, Purdue should be set on short yardage plays.

Finally, I would be shocked if Blough doesn't start the season as Purdue's quarterback. As we all know, that doesn't guarantee he will remain there, but I think the Purdue coaches really want him to be the guy.