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2016 Purdue Spring Football: Jersey Scrimmage

The offense is undefeated in the jersey scrimmage under Darrell Hazell, so Hazell is at least undefeated somewhere.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Today was the second of three scrimmages during the spring football period as the jersey scrimmage took place in Ross-Ade Stadium. It was more complex than the kick scrimmage last week, which focused on special teams. It was the top offense against the top defense with a modified scoring system. The winning side would get to wear the black jerseys in practice for the following year. Strangely, as bad as the offense has been when games have mattered, they have dominated the jersey scrimmage under Hazell, winning it every spring.

Today was no different, as the offense won 58-53. That is probably what you want to see in spring football: a close and balanced score. If one side dominates the other it raises questions about the losing side (not that we don't already have questions).

Much of the analysis here comes from Gold and Black Illustrated's wrap up and the stats published from Purdue sports, so I want to give proper credit where it is due.

  • The quarterbacks were pretty even. David Blough was 16 of 30 for 244 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. Elijah Sindelar was 15 of 28 for 222 and an 84-yard TD to DeAngelo Yancey. GBI seemed to think the offense might have some actual punch, but there is a big "if:
  • The offensive line was pretty bad. They were constantly pushed around by the defensive line and guys like Jake Replogle, Eddy Wilson, Shayne Henley, and Keiwan Jones all got sacks. I like this because of Purdue's new defensive line coach. He is the one that started the Den of Defensive Ends, so it seems like he is paying dividends. The line, however, is in shambles. They gave up 7 sacks and had several holding penalties. We're waiting on some JuCo transfers and expected starters to recover from injuries, but it does not sound promising.
  • Eddy Wilson seems to be having a big spring and looks like he will be taking over at defensive tackle with Jake Replogle. He ends up with a fumble recovery he nearly scored on. Replogle had 9 tackles, four for loss. Color me cautiously optimistic about the defensive line, as long as it gets to play against Purdue, at least.
  • Purdue is mixing it up with a lot of running backs getting rotations. The top two are still Markell Jones and D.J. Knox, but Richie Worship and Tario Fuller are making waves as they come out of redshirt. David Yancey is doing well too.
  • DeAngelo Yancey had 7 catches for 163 yards and a touchdown. If he can finally be the No. 1 guy we all know he can be that will be a huge step.
  • Hazell says that Blough currently has the edge to be the starter, and GBI's analysis seems to agree. He is showing more poise than before and delivering a good ball while on the run.