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H&R Podcast #7: Stephens, Basketball Recruiting, and Football

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In our latest episode of the H&R Podcast, Andrew, Casey, Drew, and Juan discuss Kendall Stephens' departure, how Purdue could recruit in 2016 and 2017 for basketball (with a focus on Desmond Bane), as well as the possibility of Michigan's Spike Albrecht coming to Purdue as a graduate transfer.

In addition, Drew discusses Purdue Football. WAIT, DON'T RUN AWAY! WE INCLUDED SOME SAD MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND THAT YOU MIGHT ENJOY. SO PLEASE LISTEN. Drew will talk about the not-as-talented recruit class coming out of the state of Indiana in general, and where Purdue could look for other recruits (assuming Hazell still has a job in 2017).

We hope you enjoy our cold open, it's our longest one so far, and it might be our best one.

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