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Caleb Swanigan Invited to NBA Combine

Biggie is one step closer to heading to the NBA early.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, a report came out that Caleb Swanigan was invited to the NBA Combine after declaring for the NBA Draft without an agent last month:

This doesn't exactly mean that Biggie is leaving Purdue after his freshman year and heading to the NBA. As long as he doesn't hire an agent, he is still eligible to return. Swanigan will have until May 25th, after the NBA Combine, to decide if he will return to Purdue for his sophomore year or fully enter the draft, which will be on June 25th.

No word if Vince Edwards was also invited to the combine. If he doesn't receive an invite, he will most likely announce that he will undeclared for the draft and return for his junior season.

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Update: Or maybe I'm wrong about Biggie not jumping to the NBA early. He did tweet this last night and spring semester classes finished at Purdue yesterday. Who knows what he's referring to; I don't know him personally. Interpret yourselves: