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2016 NFL Draft Open Thread

Purdue won't have a player selected tonight, but hopefully some time this weekend it will have one picked for a 19th straight season.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

I normally hate all things leading up to the NFL Draft. Mock Drafts are a completely and utterly useless exercise conceived to get page views and nothing more because no one really knows what is going to happen beyond a pick or two, but it has become a cottage industry.

So, consider this whoring for page views with an Open thread.

As Andrew said earlier today, Purdue will not have a player drafted tonight and that is very bad for Purdue football. Only three players (Dustin Keller, Anthony Spencer, and Ryan Kerrigan) have been first round selections since Rod Woodson's days. The idea of Purdue having a first round pick is downright laughable right now, and a sign of how far the Boilers have fallen.

So consider this a general weekend airing of grievances when it comes to Purdue football. If a player is selected it likely won't be until a later round on Sunday, but int he meantime, you can discuss all things draft related here.