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Jimmy Simpson wins 59th Annual Purdue Grand Prix

Simpson becomes the first ever driver to win 4 Grand Prix races in a row.

It was a beautiful day for a race in West Lafayette. And a beautiful day for history to be made as Jimmy Simpson wins his fourth straight Purdue Grand Prix race. He is the first ever 4-peat winner in the 59 year history of the Grand Prix. Simpson was racing in the #1 car as part of the Delts Racing team.

Though Simpson started in the #2 starting position, his win was almost never in doubt. Only two drivers threatened Simpson's chase at history. Chip Challis in the #22 car for Pi Kappa Phi Racing won the pole and started #1, but spun out early in the race, giving Simpson the early lead. Meanwhile, Brenden Johnson in the #4 car for Motorsports Club @ IUPUI Team #2 finished in 2nd place and was on Simpson's tail all day. Johnson, in his first ever Grand Prix, led the race for a few laps until Simpson took over with just around 50 laps left in the race. Johnson made a rookie mistake while trying to lap the slower drivers, and Simpson took advantage of his mistake and never looked back.

Casey was at the race today and will have a full recap later today. Congrats to Jimmy Simpson and Delts Racing for making history today!