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The Grand Prix is Here!

It's time for “The Greatest Spectacle in College Racing!" With the Purdue tradition in full effect, let's have ourselves a game like thread for the race!

Special thanks to Greg Holcomb for providing pictures from the 1975 Alpha Kappa Lambda’s Grand Prix Team.
Special thanks to Greg Holcomb for providing pictures from the 1975 Alpha Kappa Lambda’s Grand Prix Team.
Greg Holcomb

There's sun and petrol in the air in West Lafayette today.

Purdue's Grand Prix weekend is coming to its last turn with the race raring to kick off in just a bit. That means there's bars to hit, drinks to drink, and races to race. This is local tradition and it is as close to our hearts as it is difficult to remember the day after.

I'm not one to advocate for racing as an elite fan experience, but this kind of stuff transcends whatever trivial bias you or I might have. We're kicking off spring and good weather with revving engines that practically shout out 'MERICA. What's not to love?

I (Casey) will be tweeting for H&R will have be live-tweeting whatever shenanigans I can find today, as well as possible updates on the race and the going-ons.

Can't make it? No worries. We've got you covered. This year the Grand Prix is being lived streamed by the Big Ten Network. So, click on the link below to watch the race from afar and use this thread as a Gameday type thread.


Update: Juan here, here's the schedule from the Purdue Grand Prix Foundation:

Here's the Driver Lineup for today's event. From the Purdue Grand Prix Website: Positions 1-27 are set by qualification results only, positions 28-33 are bumped in via 3 heat races before the main feature, with starting positions determined by qualification times."

Starting Position Car No. Name Class Organization/Club
1 22 Chip Challis Experienced Pi Kappa Phi Racing
2 1 Jimmy Simpson Experienced Delts Racing
3 4 Brenden Johnson Rookie Motorsports Club @ IUPUI Team #2
4 3 Jacob Knueven Rookie Cary Racing GP2
5 88 Camden Speth Experienced McCutcheon Racing
6 30 Eli Salamie Experienced Cary Racing GP1
7 2 James Schnabel Experienced Motorsports Club @ IUPUI Team #1
8 23 Ross Rankine Rookie Delta Upsilon Larry Miller Racing
9 77 T.J. Higgins Rookie Fairway Cooperative
10 13 Ryan Keene Experienced Student Veteran Organization
11 8 Zachary Robinson Experienced MEGP
12 16 Allison Schoch Experienced IUPUI SWE
13 99 Charles Meredith Rookie Sigma Chi 2
14 47 Josh Porter Rookie Beta Sig Racing
15 76 Connor Rooney Experienced Theta Tau Racing Team
16 34 Zachary Juliot Experienced NROTC 1
17 26 Alex Offenbach Experienced Delta Sigma Phi Racing 26
18 7 Jared Thayer Rookie Triangle Racing Team
19 33 Shaine Coon Experienced Acacia Racing
20 17 Dustin Nobbe Experienced Tarkington
21 49 Christopher Young Experienced Pike 1
22 5 Maxwell Burbrink Experienced Farmhouse A
23 82 Jillian Goodwin Experienced Darlington Motorsports
24 72 Cassten Everidge Experienced CGS
25 50 Alexis Mueller Rookie PCS Racing
26 21 Nathan Petry Rookie Kappa Sigma
27 10 Jeremy Millerin Rookie Pike 2

Heat #1: 11:30 AM, for Positions 28 (1st Place) and 31 (2nd Place)

Position Car No, Name Class Organization/Club
1 35 Nick Weddle Rookie NROTC 3
2 27 Shahob Miltenberger Rookie Purdue ASME
3 44 Emma Messman Rookie PSWE
4 9 Nick Hale Experienced Sigma Chi 1
5 66 Xueyang Xu Rookie Panda Hugger
6 43 Brett Rasmus Experienced Phoenix Racing
7 36 Allie Yule Experienced NROTC 2

Heat #2: 12:00 PM, for Positions 29 (1st Place) and 32 (2nd Place)

Position Car No, Name Class Organization/Club
1 39 Stephen Hannah Rookie Beta Theta Pi Racing
2 42 Christian Jones Experienced Meredith Motorsports
3 25 Alex Roberts Rookie Shreveheart
4 52 Juan Bustamante Rookie Phi Kappa Psi
5 55 Duane Sjoquist Experienced Farmhouse B
6 57 Tim Dahlgren Rookie Delta Sigma Phi Racing 57
7 40 Ciaran Kager Rookie Cavalier Racing

Heat #3: 12:30 PM, for Positions 30 (1st Place) and 33 (2nd Place)

Position Car No, Name Class Organization/Club
1 18 Carlos Rubio Rookie Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
2 12 Forde Ness Rookie 3270 Racing
3 94 Madison Ashbrook Rookie Phi Rho Racing
4 31 Adam Thomason Rookie Delta Upsilon Larry Miller Racing 2
5 69 Kyle Mathena Rookie AGR All Pro Racing
6 6 Thomas Banks Rookie Phi Delt Racing
7 98 Brandon Newey Experienced The U Racing